Circus Arts, Comedy, Entertainment


Meet the amazingly multi-talented Silea! Thrilling the audience with her impressive mix of charmes and high-skilled performances.

Circus Arts, Comedy, Entertainment


Meet the amazingly multi-talented Silea! Thrilling the audience with her impressive mix of charm and high-skilled performances.

About Silea

Silea is a multitalented performer.

From a young age, she participated in competition sports which eventually opened the gates for her to the circus and performing world. She graduated at the State Ballet and Circus School Berlin and is now a sought after and internationally booked performer.

From dancing on a world-class level on the tightwire to performing innovative aerial acrobatics on chains or moving poetically on the silks, Silea is an accomplished performer in a range of varied circus skills. She masterly balances across an array of bottles, wows with a charming ventriloquism act and eats gracefully razor blade in a timeless classic sideshow act.

All of these acts can be booked for corporate events, classical cabaret shows, street festivals, fairs and elegant dinner shows. For events that want full-length programs, Silea offers her fabulously delightful 30 minute solo show. This show can also be performed longer upon request.

Fluent in five languages her show can be staged in German, English, French, Italian or Swedish. Furthermore, Silea is also part of various ensembles, including the "Theater Lufttanz" or "Die Artistokraten".

When she is not performing, she passes on her expertise coaching in kids’ circuses or aspiring professionals.

  • Phone: +49-172-6814912
  • Fax: +49-6109-505629
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References (excerpts)
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  • Varieté Etcetera

(performing in various countries, such as Korea, Macau, France, Finland, etc.)

  • Balagan
  • Circus Quantenschaum
  • The Time Between
  • Tiger Lillies Circus
  • Balagan
  • Theater Lufttanz
  • Feuervogel
  • Die Artistokraten
  • Theatre d'un jour
Corporate Events
  • Audi (Germany)
  • Citroen (Macedonia)
  • IBM (Germany)
  • Nestlé (Germany)
  • Sachtleben (Finland)
  • Siemens (Germany)
  • Tine (Norway)
  • Verdi (Germany)
  • Vincent Bérard (Switzerland)
  • VW (Germany)
  • Wella (Germany)
  • "Benvenuto Cellini" - Salzburger Festspiele, Austria
  • Berliner Bundesball - Germany
  • "Café Hahn" - Germany
  • Carl-Einar Häckners Varieté - Sweden
  • "Circus Eigenart" - Germany
  • "Circus Moskau" - Russia"Circuswelten" (Circus Barum) - Germany
  • "Cirqu-o-feminine" - France
  • "Festival of Speed" - UK
  • "Festuge" - Danmark
  • "Golden Circus" - Austria
  • "L'enfant qui"(theatre d'un jour) - Belgium
  • "Spencerhill Festival" - Drebkau/Germany
  • "Internationales Kleinkunstfestival" - Usedom
  • "Barockmusikfestival" - Annaberg Buchholz
  • Neujahrskonzert Bochumer Symphonieorchester - Germany
  • "Rock Circus" (Das Zelt) - Switzerland
  • "Stille Kracht" - Switzerland
  • "Terme di Saturnia" - Italy
  • "Zyan" - Taiwan
  • "Travemünder Woche
  • "Gauklerfest Oelde
  • "Internationales Strassenkulturfest Nordhorn
  • "Cruise Days Hamburg
  • "Varietespektakel Köthen
  • "Eröffnung der Frankfurt School of Finance
Silea's Solo Shows
Cirque Capricieux

"the greatest one woman show on earth"

Nostalgic circus meets Cirque Nouveau
Freakshow meets fairy tale
Tightwire Dancer encounters a runaway carousel horse.

Enter the world of
„Cirque Capricieux“

Shows in Ensembles

"Die Artistokraten" is a high-caliber company whose focus lays on the stylization of Baroque culture and its tendency to ambiguity. Comedic and satirized scenes in combination with pictorial-poetic moments and powerful acrobatics thrill the ever-growing fan base.

The Tightnex

The Tightnex is a duo who performs together an intruiging mix of circus skills and life music. They are fun, edgy and, of course, highly entertaining. Their show „ROUGH CIRCUS“ presents astonishing and sometimes quirky acts such as juggling, wiredancing, balancing on bottles, magic, all performed with a pinch of humour. Breathtaking, funny, edgy ... Rock‘n Roll!

Theater Lufttanz

LUFTTANZ is an international artists group, which uses dance and acrobatics to create unique performances and single act. We combine performance arts and theatrical spaces and with the use of new media art, light design and pyrotechnics breath taking productions take form. Designed for in- and outdoors, especially suitable for galas, festivals, theatrical productions as well as corporate and private events.

"Brewery Sports Club Unwucht e.V."

Streetshow and Walkact
Ernst, Herrmann and Hildegard head out with handcart, beer barrel and german march music to advertise loudly their beer. In nostalgic leotards they perform various clichés of Prussian culture. Their spectacular artistic exercises on the barrel, the tightwire and also in the single wheel are truly stunning.
"Unwucht Beer makes you slim in the mind and strong in the body".
German entertainment as german as it can get!

History Ensemble


Silea was over a couple of years an exercise instructor in the field of gymnastics, and got then at the age of 18 her C-license for Rhythmic Gymnastics. In addition to competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics, she taught children and adults ballet, fitness and general gymnastics, t.ex. at the sports venues "Eintracht Frankfurt e.V.", International School Main / Rhine and in the Hesse squad.

Since performing professionally on stage, she alongside holds workshops and seminars for kids circusses, aspiring professionals and general circus arts enthusiasts. In one to one lessons she also works specifically on the creation of acts and choreographies.

For instance she was teaching at the "DOCH" /Stockholm and "Die Etage, Berlin" and numerous kids circusses between Berlin, Hannover and Stuttgart.

Regarding private lessons and workshops, etc. please send an email directly to Silea. (

  • Phone: +49-172-6814912
  • Fax: +49-6109-505629
  • E-mail:

For booking or further information please contact Silea here: