Tightwire Hoprasiljup

A tight wire dance in the truest sense of word:

Silea dances on the wire an exceptionally fascinating choreography, which leaves the audience breathless.
Her balance is sure, so light footed that the wire itself is almost forgotten. Each step is accompanied by music specially composed for this act.
Gipsy melancholy meets Ska - an artistic symbiosis. Tender moments full of tension make the audience hold their breath until they burst out clapping along, carried away by pure joy of life.

Tightwire in the style of the 20s

With a nostalgic dance party

on the tight wire, Silea epitomizes the zeitgeist of that era.
A charming Tango, a coquettish Charleston and a touch of melancholy bring the spectator straight back into the roaring 20s. Wearing an elegant flapper dress and performing top class circus arts she enriches any event, especially those with the timely theme.